TAV Rankings

TAV Rankings - Tallisman Trophy

We have introduced a new and improved scoring system for the highly sought after Tallisman Trophy for the 2020-21 season. The Tallisman Trophy will be awarded based upon high participation and performance in our official TAV events:

- Ronstan Australia Day Regatta
- Chelsea Four of a Kind Regatta
- Sail Sandy
- 2021 Victorian State Titles
- Lake Boga Easter Regatta
- Sail Bellarine

Click here for the current Tallisman trophy rankings as at 21 March 2021!

Full details of the new scoring system below:

- If you attend any TAV event, you will automatically be entered into the Tallisman Trophy scoring system

- High points scoring based on the number of Victorian entries for each event (i.e. if you pace 1st in a regatta with 10 entries you receive 10 points, 2nd 9 points etc.)

- Your total points across the series will be increased by a multiplier for the number of events which you attend (i.e. if you attend 5 events across the season your total score will be multiplied by 5)