2003 Honorable Father in Japan

Honorable Father of Tasar in Japan

Mr. Keiji Yoshikawa (Yoshikawa san; the first president of JTA) was recognized by JSAF (Japan Sailing Federation) for his contribution to the sailing scene in Japan. All Japanese Tasar Sailors are very proud of him, Father of Tasar in Japan.

Since 1985, when Yoshikawa san introduced the Tasar into Japan, his effort to familiarize Tasar to Japanese has left wonderful marks. He provided us with top sailors' sailing technique by translating some articles from other region's newsletter.

Besides encouraging many sailors to participate in the Tasar world championships, he organized successful Hayama Worlds, the first time in Japan. Now our class becomes one of the most attractive dinghies in Japan.

Our national championship has now been held 18 times. We had only 5 boats at first, however, nowadays over 40 boats are coming to meet friends. It is a proof of an active class in Japan and one of the significant results of Yoshikawa san's aid.

Now we know that he introduced to us not only the boat but what the true sailing life is. We are honored to succeed his spirit through following decades.

On the occasion of Yoshikawa san's recognition, we are going to hold a celebration on October 4. We plan to read out some message from his friends at the party.

We would be grateful for having your message if possible.

Thank you. JTA president: George Motoyoshi

Organizer: Vice president: Fumio Kaneko

Please mail your message to Fumio Kaneko This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by October 2nd.