2003 NATA try a 50% Crew Weight Rule

NATA to try a 50% Crew Weight Rule

For a number of years, NATA has voted not to enforce the crew weight rule.  Crews that weight less than 130 kg have not had to carry crew weight ballast in events in North America, other than World Championships.

At this year's NATA AGM, Thilo Giese proposed requiring crews that weigh less than 130 kg to carry half the weight difference as water ballast, up to a maximum of 6 kg, but with the option of dumping the extra weight if the wind strength required full hiking by skipper and crew.  Thilo was confident we could leave the decision on when to dump the ballast to each crew.

This proposal didn't pass, but the same "50%" proposal, without the option of dumping the ballast, did.  At least until the next AGM, crews sailing in NATA events and weigh less than 130 kg will carry 50% of the difference as ballast.  Any hull weight in excess of 68 kg can be counted toward this weight.

NATA will reconsider this rule at their next AGM.

The official text of the NATA rule is available here.