2004 Proposal to use 29er Boom

Proposal to use 29er boom section for Tasar booms

With renewed interest in the Tasar class, and the sale of a number of new boats, Frank Bethwaite has proposed making Tasar booms for Australian and Japanese Tasars from the boom section used for the 29er. This would be a substitution by the builder, not a rule change. It will result in a significant reduction in the cost of new Tasars in Australia and Japan. Frank has provided two drawings which show the 29er boom section, and how it would be rigged. The 29er section would be .1 kg lighter than the current boom section.

Class rule A.1.2 states: "....any alteration of the form and construction of the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sails or running rigging, as supplied by the builder and approved by the World Tasar Class Association, except as specifically authorised by these Class rules, is a breach of these Class rules not only in spirit but in substance, and is prohibited.".

This rule requires the World Council to approve any significant changes the builder wishes to make to the construction, equipment, fittings, etc. supplied with the Tasar. (I believe the ISAF will also have to approve the change.)

By a vote of six in favour and two abstentions, the Tasar World Council has voted to approve the builder's proposal to supply Tasars with booms constructed using 29er boom sections, provided the fittings used on the boom are similar in size, function and placement to those used currently.

Those voting in favour were:

Frank Bethwaite
Allan Johnson
George Motoyoshi
Chris Parkinson
Cathy Sherwood
Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer