2005 Changes to Class Rules

Changes in Class Rules Approved by ISAF to be effective March 1, 2005

We have just been advised that the ISAF Council approved the proposed changes in the Tasar Class Rules at their meeting in November 2004, to be effective March 1, 2005.

The wording of the new and revised sections is now included in the class rules, and is summarised below.

Shroud pull backs
C.2.2. (k): "A simple line and block purchase system with a mechanical advantage of two may be attached to each shroud slide to assist movement of the slide. A turning block which does not increase the mechanical advantage may be added immediately aft of the track. With the slide fully forward and the line fully extended aft, the distance from the aft end of the track to the bearing point of the pull back handle shall not exceed 150 mm."

Length of mainsheet strop
C.2.3 (d): The mainsheet shall be rigged with either 4 or 5 parts active. The mainsheet strop length shall be not less than 240 mm, measured bearing point to bearing point of the strop, and may be substituted with line. The strop shall not be adjustable in length. The strop may be fitted above or below the mainsheet block system.

Hounds to deck measurement
F.1.5.: The measurement from the bearing point at the hounds to the deck immediately in front of the mast step shall not be less than 3720 mm.

Support for top mast
F.3.2.: The top mast shall be supported on an insert located and supported by the upper diamond bolt and having the same cross section as the top mast sleeve.

Adjusting forestay and shrouds while sailing
C.8: Safety
C.8.1: The overall length of the forestay and shrouds may only be changed while the boat is either on shore or at a dock.

Richard Spencer
Executive Secretary, World Tasar Class Association