2005 Rotation Lever Changes

Changes to the Rotation Lever - An update from Frank Bethwaite

(The mylar main sail that Frank is developing for trialling by the class will include a "cuff" extending from the boom down to the deck.  This will require changes to the rotation lever. Frank's ideas on this are given below.)

Re rotation lever, I will discard the present lever and substitute a bifurcated lever pivoted on a 1/4 inch bolt through the lips of the vang attach fitting. This will be drawn by a line to a deadeye and cleat on either side of the vee'd forward bulkhead. I have in mind that if the jib sheet and the rotation line are both strongly marked with texta, the forward hand when tacking will, prior to the tack, uncleat the active rotation line, grasp both the new jib sheet and the new rotation line together where marked, and the one movement will then both trim the jib on the new tack and reverse and set the mast rotation.

Note:  This development project is line with the motion passed at the World Council meeting in Victoria in 2003, which endorsed the establishment of a development committee and investigation of possible changes to the Tasar, followed by a report to the World Council.  Any changes to the class rules will go through the normal approval process, which now includes approval by ISAF.  Richard Spencer