2007 Proposal to use Weighted Voting System

Proposal to use Weighted Voting to Change the Tasar Class Rules and Constitution
At the Tasar World Council meeting in Phuket, on July 3, 2007, the Japan Tasar Association presented the following proposal to use weighted voting for changes to the constitution and class rules:
Proposed Method of Weighted Voting:
* voting would continue to be by district and region, as at present * the district or region with the smallest number of members would have one vote. * all other districts and regions would have additional votes, in proportion to the number of members in the region or district.
For example:

Region or district
Number of members

The World Council passed following motion:
"That Tasar class members be asked to vote on whether to adopt the proposed method of weighted voting for changes to the World Tasar Class Association constitution and class rules."
The vote on this proposal will use the present provisions of the constitution (see Article 17) and class rules (see rule B.4), which require that at least two thirds of the 10 regional and district associations vote in favour of the proposed change.
If the proposal is approved:
* the "number of members" for each district or region would be the number reported to the Executive Secretary in December of the year before a proposal is circulated for voting * all the weighted votes of each district or region would be either for or against the proposal being voted on. * approval of a proposal would require two thirds of the weighted votes to be in favour. * the class rules and constitution will be amended to incorporate the change.
Your district or region will be asking you to vote on this proposal.
Richard Spencer Executive Secretary