2007 RCB Slides Update

An update on RCB stay slides
3 Questions: Takao Otani asked three questions about RCB stay slides:
1. will it be possible to fit on old boats with beveled deck? (the new deck mold is changed to be able to fit either the "ball bearing slide system" or the "C section track system" horizontally)
2. will the breaking load be different if the track is fixed on an angle?
3. if different, will it be possible to have an up-grading kit including wedge to fit "ball bearing slide system" horizontally onto old type deck?
And the answers, from Frank Bethwaite and Marting Sly, are:
1. yes, it will be possible to fit the new system to the existing deck profile on older boats, although no one has done it yet.
2. the breaking load is the same if the track is fitted on an angle, like the existing track; the car is designed to work at different angles.
3. there will be no need to alter any boats to retrofit the RCB track. Frank advises that there is room for the RCB track on both new and old decks, which will accommodate the 50mm ball "carriage" plus the 70mm slider stop with the stays in the correct places provided that the track is chamfered up for between 10 and 22mm to fit the change of profile of the gunwale. If a different restraint is used (e.g. a cleat, not the stop) there is ample room and no chamfering is needed.
A cleat that works

Martin Sly has sent a photo of the latest cleat arrangement, to restrain           the car without using a slider stop. Martin reports that both he and Chris           Parkinson are using this arrangement, and it works well.


Trialling and approving RCB stay slides

In his "for interest" comment, Frank Bethwaite has described the initiative by the group in Melbourne that led to his decision to approve the use of roller cars for the Tasar stay slides, and the testing that led to his decision that a 19 mm Ronstan track (or the equivalent) is required to ensure adequate working strength. These stay slides are now being trialled in Melbourne and Sydney. At this point, the method of restraint for the slide when it is pulled aft has not been finalized, but those working on it are confident a neat and efficient solution will be found.
The photos below show the stay car and track. The method of restraint has not been finalized, but is likely to be a development of the cleat arrangement shown on the right. The new cars and track look good, and I think they will be a worthwhile improvement.

Frank has specified that the shroud attachment points should be 405 mm (16 in) aft of the mast pin when fully back, and 285 mm (11.25 in) aft when fully forward. Graham Hanna has suggested a tolerance of +/- 5 mm for these dimensions. As mentioned above, the method of restraint is still to be determined.
I suggest that the class allow roller cars, with 19 mm track, to be trialled until those trialling the system are satisfied that all aspects, including the method of restraint, work well and are operationally equivalent to the existing arrangement. At that time, I will email the World Council and ask the members if they approve the roller cars and 19 mm track as a change in the construction of the Tasar, as supplied by the builder. This approval is required under rule A.1.2 before the change can be made.
My hope is that the World Council can vote on this within the next several months. However, if JTA, NATA or TAUK indicate that they wish to trial the new arrangement before voting, the trial should be long enough to allow that to happen.
If the World Council approve, Frank as designer can then ask ISAF to approve this as a specification change (this is the process that was used to introduce mylar sails). If the new arrangement is not accepted as a specification change, it will be proposed as a rule change, using the normal process of voting by region. In the meantime, I suggest that each regional association allow Tasars trialling the new arrangement to compete in Tasar events, including National championships, with the roller cars and track.
Any and all feedback is welcome, either by emailing me, or posting to the TasarSailors list or a Tasar forum. I will post any email I receive on the website.

Richard Spencer Executive Secretary