1999 Rule 29B Ballast Reduction

Maximum crew weight ballast reduced from 15 to 12kg - Rule 29(b) amended

The proposed reduction in the maximum crew weight ballast from 15 to 12 kg has now been approved, and an amended rule 29(b) is now in effect. 

This rule will apply at the International Regatta in Hamana-ko. Seven of the ten Tasar districts have now voted in favour of the change, giving more than the required 2/3 majority. 

The World Council and the Advisory Council have also approved the change.

At this point the votes from the Queensland and South Australia regions are not available.  Western Australia voted no.  All other districts, including the new Continental Europe district, voted in favour of the change.

Richard Spencer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Executive Secretary

World Tasar Class Association

September 5, 1999