2001 drafted Class Rules in ISAF Format

Draft of Class Rules in ISAF format

At the 1999 World Council meeting in Japan, the council voted to apply for ISAF recognized status for the Tasar. 

The reasons for this decision included being able to use the title "World Championship" for our international regattas, making it easier to get funding for travel to world championships, and increased recognition for the class.

Before we can apply for recognized status, we have to change the format of our class rules. With help from Ian Guanaria, Frank Bethwaite and Todd Blumel, I have prepared a draft of our rules in ISAF format.

This draft, and two summaries that explain where the old rules appear in the new draft, are now available for information. Please note that the new format is NOT meant to change the EFFECT of our class rules.

We have had to introduce some new provisions to meet ISAF requirements, but my goal was to change our class rules to the ISAF format without changing any rule that will affect the Tasar or how it is sailed.

We willl be sailing under our EXISTING class rules in the International Regatta at Whitstable next year.

Richard Spencer

Executive Secretary,

World Tasar Class Association