2001 Mainsail Window

Window to be Standard in Tasar Mainsails

As requested by the Tasar World Council, Tasar designer Frank Bethwaite has confirmed that windows will be fitted in Tasar mainsails as supplied by the builder.  Once current stocks of mainsails have been sold, all new mainsails will include windows.  This change is made in accordance with Tasar Class Rule 2.

Effective immediately, owners may have existing mainsails modified to include a window conforming to the specifications adopted by the designer for the windows to be fitted in new sails.  Note that these specifications are provisional, and may be subject to revision by the designer based on experience over the next few months. 

Windows conforming to the specifications published here will be accepted as conforming to the class rules.

I would like to thank Todd Blumel for taking the initiative to trial a mainsail with a window, and Frank Bethwaite and his licensees for agreeing to include windows as standard in new mainsails.  Windows will not change the performance of the Tasar, but they will make it safer to sail.

Richard Spencer