2002 Voting on Hull Weight Rule

Members vote "no" on proposal to reduce the minimum hull weight


Class rule D.3.2 requires that, as long as the Tasar minimum hull weight is above the design weight of 64 kg, the World Council must review the weight at each World Championship.  The World Council voted at its meeting in Whitstable in August, 2001, to ask districts and regions to vote on reducing the minimum hull weight from the current 68 kg to 66 kg.

At least two thirds of the 10 Tasar districts (or regions, in the case of NATA) must approve a rule change before it can be adopted, i.e. at least 7 districts must vote yes, and no more than 3 can vote no. The voting so far is as follows:

New South Wales - No
Victoria - No
Queensland - No
South Australia - No
Northern Territory - Yes
North America - No

As 5 districts have voted no, there will be no change to rule D.3.2 for now.  I hope to hear the results of the votes in other districts in the near future.

Richard Spencer
Executive Secretary, World Tasar Class Association