Class Rules

The full Tasar Class Rules updated 20/11/2014 can be downloaded as a PDF here


The Class rules are split into several sections as per the Tabs.

Section A - Fundamental Rules talks about the terms used in the documents and how the rules are structured.

Section B - Organization describes the World Tasar class and how it interacts with ISAF

Section C - Conditions for Racing talks about the rules your Tasar needs to comply with to be able to race in official Tasar Class events

Section D - Hull and Deck - Talks about boat Weight Rules and what makes a Tasar comply with the rules

Section E - Hull and Appendages - What are the bits that are attached to your Tasar

Section F - Rig - What parts of your rigging have specific measurements that need to be adhered to

Section G - Sails - Items to be considered for a set of sails to be class compliant

Appendix 1 - Event Rules - Wind Strength Rules for Class Events

Appendix 2 - Forestay Measurement - Its Length for Dacron and Mylar.


Specification Changes

Rule Changes