Refinishing Foils

12 May 2013

Hi Everyone,

I've recently been asked to comment on the emerging practice of new or near new centreboards and rudder blades being refinished by third parties.

Tasar Class Rule, C.2.3 (c) The hull, daggerboard and rudder blade may be sanded, painted and polished, is the means by which a Tasar owner is permitted to carry out normal repairs and maintenance on their boat in order to keep everything in top condition.

However Tasar Class Rule, A.1.2 - the One Design Principle rule, says in part, that any alteration of the form and construction of the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sails or running rigging, as supplied by the builder.... is a breach of these Class rules not only in spirit but in substance, and is prohibited.

I would therefore declare the refinishing of foils by third parties to be against our One Design Principle. If there are concerns about the quality or finish of your Tasar foils, don't send them to a third party for refinishing. Instead discuss with your local Tasar Agent. Please pass this on to your fleets.
Graham Hanna
Chief Measurer