Cam Cleats Update

26 August 2014

Dear Distributors,

Over the past few months, we have been introducing you to newly found applications for some of our Aero cleats. Today, we are looking at how our cleats can be adapted to suit particular uses.
We have recently been asked by Tasar Sailing UK to modify our CL268AN to make it more suitable for the Tasar pull-back system.
Indeed, although the CL230AN (with bottom roller for through deck-applications or trapeze systems) combined with the PT230SSE could have achieved the same results, it was too bulky for the pull-back system setup. Hence, Tasar Sailing UK asked us to fit a roller to the CL268AN, whose proportions are perfect for their application.

The modification consisted in the addition of three drilled holes to accomodate two shackles (to provide a rigging point and a fairlead) and a roller to ease rope adjustment and tensioning.


With new uses being found for our cleats in the marine field but also in the industrial world, we are open to adapting existing cleats, even to the development of custom products using our teeth design.
Other requested adaptations have previously led to the development of the CL279 cleat for underground recycling bags and the CL719 trucker's hitch cleat which is used to lift data cables into position or as a tie-down system.
Should you have any queries regarding the CL268AN/TASAR and the Tasar pull-back system, please contact Tasar Sailing UK.
Should you have any queries regarding a special project involving one of our existing cleats or the development of a new design, please contact us at


Julian Emery

For and on behalf of Clamcleats Limited