2017 Tasar Worlds

22 February 2017

We are asking all competitors heading to Japan for the 2017 Tasar World Titles, to jump online and enter today! Yes entries are now open and getting in early is encouraged for the running of an enjoyable & well organised Regatta.  

AUS have now 4 containers going to Japan. We have 2 from Victoria, 1 from NSW and 1 from WA.  We have been very busy sourcing Lease boats for UK and USA competitors due to the high cost of container travel arrangements.  Well done to all those who have assisted finding Lease boats for all who needed them.  If you need any specific container details, contact :

NSW/ACT it's Rob Douglass on with your details and have your deposit ready to go!

VIC its Blaise and Chris Payne

SA its Adrian and Jan

WA its David Meehan

Our Japanese hosts have also placed some handy information on their website, including a brief from Paul Ridgway about race conditions at pre worlds, commuting by bullet train from Tokyo to Gamagori & touring. An array of airlines fly both into Tokyo (Narita & Haneda Airports) with direct flights offered by both JAL and ANA as well as Qantas

If anyone is late entering, and/or has questions regarding Tasar Worlds 2017, please  contact your State/ Territory representative, or the ATC (Adrian Nicholson: If we can't initially answer or provide you with the necessary information, we will direct it onto our Japanese sailing colleagues in the JTA, will follow up back to you.

Just 2 months to go!

If you still want to go, you had better hurry, you have till early June when the containers will leave our shores.