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TASAR CHANGES - A Message from the NSW President in conjunction with Julian Bethwaite

12 months ago, a number of design changes were made to the Tasar with a goal of simplifying construction and strengthening the integrity of the hull. As new boats begin to arrive in Australia, the presence of a solid shaped centreboard case has led to much discussion. TANSW have reached out to Julian Bethwaite who has confirmed the centre case change will not give a performance difference, however Julian has plans underway to provide a retrofit kit for fitting by certified builders. Given the Tasar is a manufacturers class rather than a measurement class, members are reminded not to attempt retrofit on their own (Ref Footnote 1)

Background to the changes
Most of our membership will be aware of the design changes to the Tasar hull and deck that passed through the class 12 months ago. The changes are now becoming a reality with the production of new boats becoming available in Australia. The changes included:
 Removal of hand holds
 Redistribution of weight around the hull, assisted by the introduction of a new shaped centreboard section
 Introduction of a new quality control measure where no boat will leave the factory under 61kg

Drivers for change
Removal of hand holds simplifies construction, while the other changes have been made to improve the integrity of the design:
1. Reduction in the thickness of the foam in the top sides, front and rear deck to something similar to that of the 49er/29er. This change has allowed the builder to increase the thickness in the FRP laminate in the areas that are more highly loaded, ie the cockpit/deck/carlin/thwart.
2. A change in the design of the centre case as part of the weight "redistribution" process.
3. Introduction of a minimum weight for the boat when hull construction is complete
Performance advantages
There has been much discussion on whether the change in the centre case will produce a performance advantage and Julian does not believe it will. The leading edge of the centre case is in the same position as pre-change boats and as Julian stated over email "Hydrodynamic-aly, the boats are identical." We asked Julian whether the different shaped cases could lead to one holding more water or providing a better seal, Julian reflected on the conversation later over email: "We even got into the amount of water in the case and the ability to get a pressure seal with one or the other (with neither can you get anything remotely like an effective seal so each are as bad as each-other), so to the assembled multitude, they should behave exactly the same way.".

Next steps
Julian is working to create a retrofit kit for those who wish to change their centre cases. There is no requirement to change, but Julian is working with Martin Sly on the kit and is in the process of advising the builders in NSW that are certified to install. Martin is now ready to trial the kit.

Ancillary information
 Why can't members change their boats themselves? We are a "Manufacturers class" rather than a "Measurement class". This means we are reliant on the "Builder" to get the hulls (and other major components) right. This in turn means we are able to do away with virtually all measurements in relation to the hull itself. For the same reason, we are also reliant on the Builder to get any modifications right so that we can remain confident that our "one design" status has credibility. The Design rules for the Tasar are written with this principle front and centre.
 I heard that the new centre case will take a 29er board and those are cheaper, can I go and get one of those now? The Designer has created a centre case that could take a 29er board at a later point but has left the decision of whether to make a change with the class. There is no decision, let alone time frame on this but it is something we will start gathering data on so that we can get better information to you. With no change sanctioned, the 29er board is not legal in the Tasar class.


1. TANSW recognise that an owner modification is currently subject to protest appeal with Australian Sailing. TANSW respect this process and are in no way attempting to influence this decision. This document is based on our current understanding.