Tips & Advice

Container Loading and transportation

What's Involved? Tips on preparing your Tasar for  Container transportation - written by Noel Borel and Rob Douglass, TANSW Committee, Oct 2017


Racing & Sailing Tips and Discussion.

Woollahra Tasar Clinic Notes from a clinic given by Frank Bethwaite, in which Frank explains the factory settings for the Tasar, the design principles of the dynamic rig, and how to trim and sail for maximum speed in a variety of conditions.

Oz Speed Secrets Interviews with the winners and second place finishers in the 1996 Australian Championships, reprinted from the March 1997 edition of Tasar Australia.

Tasar Tune-up Jay Renehans' advice on sailing the Tasar better and faster, reprinted from the Summer 1993 NATA Newsletter.

No Excuses - Jonathan McKee Reprint of Bill Symes' interview with the winner of the 1996 Worlds

1985 Seminar by Charlie McKee Reprint of Richard Spencer's notes

Using the Mainsheet and Traveller Keith Melvin, Ian Guanaria & Frank Bethwaite

Righting the Tasar After a Capsize Frank Bethwaite

Heavy Air Skippering. Information about skippering in heavy air (by Jonathon McKee).

Heavy Air Crewing. Information about crewing in heavy air (by Libby Mckee).

Performance Equalization. Performance equalization for smaller stature crews.

How the West was won!  A great article on how Chris Dance and Peter Hackett managed to win the 2015 World Championships in Busselton, Western Australia.