WTC Interpretation on Modifications to the Hull

23 June 2017

Please find below an interpretation on making modifications to the Tasar hull:

5th June 2017

RE: Tasar Hull Modification

In regards to modifications to the Tasar Hull, in this case to the centreboard case.

The following class rules apply:

A1.2 These class rules are directed to the creation of a one-design class where the true test, when raced, is between crews and not boats; any alteration of the form and construction of the hull, equipment, fittings, spars, sails or running rigging, as supplied by the builder and approved by the World Tasar Class Association, except as specifically authorised by these Class rules, is a breach of these Class rules not only in spirit but in substance, and is prohibited.


C2.2 (n)

A restrictor device for holding the daggerboard forward and vertical may be used provided it is made of material sufficiently resilient to permit the tip of the daggerboard to rotate aft under impact load, e.g. sponge rubber, styrofoam, etc.; and further that it does not extend forward of the aft edge of the daggerboard. No non-resilient material may be incorporated in the restrictor or used as fairing. The padding allowed by C.4.3 may be compressed or removed where the restrictor is fitted in the centrecase.


C2.2 (f)

When as a result of an approved building specification change, there are changes to the equipment, fittings, spars, sails or running rigging as specified for new boats, then the same parts may be fitted on all other boats.




It is the intention of this interpretation to state that in A1.2 "the hull" and "equipment" are identified specifically, but in C2.2 (f) only "equipment" is stated. Therefore, the fact that "the hull" is not identified in rule C2.2 (f) means that it is not covered in this rule.



Peter Ellis

World Tasar Council Executive Secretary

Mike Karas

World Tasar Council Measurer