Outcome of Compass Vote

19 January 2018

Date: 19th January 2018

Outcome of Change to Tasar Compass Vote

The outcome of the vote to the proposed change to the compass rule for the Tasar class is:

Option 1: 5 votes

Option 2: 2 votes

Option 3: 1 vote

No vote received: 2 Districts

In order for a rule change to take place, 2/3rds of districts need to approve the change. This is specified in the class constitution. This would mean that 6 of the nine districts would have needed to vote for an option for it to then go onto the next stage of a rule change.

This means that there will be no change to the compass rule as a result of this vote.

Pete Ellis

WTC Executive Secretary


What Next?

It is proposed that Chris Payne (Class Measurer), alongside the district measurers will discuss a slight refinement to the wording of option 1, and that this will then be put forward to each district to either vote for or against it. This discussion will take place through the WTC measurers Facebook site.