Proposed Rule Changes - January 2019

16 January 2019

Please find below a copy of an email sent to all members of the WTC in regards to proposed changes to the Tasar Class rules:

"For Distribution to each Tasar District. Please forward on to the correct representative if not you.


Hello all,

Chris Payne, in his role as World Measurer, has proposed changes to the class rules.


These can be found in the attached document.


The rationale for the rule changes are:
  • Section 1 of the document is based around solutions concerning the changes to the specifications of the centreboard case
  • Section 2 is in relation to replacing some of the current interpretations in existence with rule changes, plus a proposed change to the compass rule.
  • Section 3 is a proposed solution for the issue with fitting out spars causing breakages in the new 29er boom section.
It is proposed to invoke the rule change through carrying out the following process as described in the class rules:
B.4.2 Amendments to these class rules shall be approved by both:
(a) The Tasar World Council, provided that it reports approval by at least two thirds of the District Associations at Special General Meetings thereof called for that purpose, or at Annual General Meetings thereof, provided that no less than 60 (sixty) days notice of
such proposed rule change has in each case been given.
(b) The Tasar Advisory Council.


The process will involve registering the vote of each district through an online form by Saturday 2nd March (this being the Special General meeting). The link to the online form is here for information:


(Link disabled)


When each district has registered their votes, this will then go to the WTC Executive Council and then to World Sailing for ratification."


Click here for the proposed changes


Peter Ellis

WTC Executive Secretary