Updated Tasar Specific Parts

15 November 2021

The Tasar is a one design class with numerous parts designed and manufactured specifically to meet the one design nature of the class.

For many years these parts have been produced by Rileys in Australia. Rileys have recently stopped operating as a business. This had the potential to cause supply demands across a range of classes.

In planning for this, Tasar copyright holder Julian Bethwaite saw this as an opportunity to update the Tasar specific parts, without changing the functionality of the parts. Considering that the original parts were designed in the 1970's, whilst ahead of their time, Julian approached the redesign to ensure that there was no extension to the functionality or dimensions, but with the intention of an increase to longevity of the parts.

The fittings that have been updated by Julian and that will be available shortly are:

  • Thwart strut
  • Vang Attachment
  • Gooseneck
  • Diamond stay spreader array

The rotation handle is currently under review but this was not completed in the first batch as these are still in stock.

More images will be shared on this page when available.

The photos below are of the Gooseneck and the Vang Attachment.

Tasar Gooseneck V2

Tasar Vang Attach V2