2024 Worlds Day 2 Report

5 January 2024

Day 2, heats 3, 4 and 5 World Tasar Champions, Sandringham Yacht Club, Victorian Australia.


It was a picture perfect day on Port Phillip, starting the day with a ray of sunshine and a gentle whisper of breeze. The temptation of rolling out the banana lounge and sipping on pina coladas from the deck of Sandringham yacht club was high, but the show must go on! A big day in the office it was and time to get down to business ! Trim, Tactics and Tenacity made it happen as an extra on shore thermal twist was thrown into the mix!  In race 4 particularly as the land heated the left side of the course developed a thermal sea breeze boosting a shore side advantage for half of the upwind leg. The key was when to get right? Over the day we saw the southerly pressure range from 180 degrees to 220 degrees , until the last upwind work in race 5 where a 40 degree  easterly shift prompted a major left hand course rotation. All 3 races employed the U flag during sequence and with the exception of race 3 where 5 UFD's were issued, race 4 and 5 were clear start. 


Congratulations to the race winners of the day:

Race 3 and 4 JPN 2987 Megaptera II, Satoshi Kami and Saori Kami

Race 5 AUS 2799 A Team, Arron Linton and Jay Whittem 


Boat of the day and current regatta leaders:

USA2981 Dr Beverly, Jonathan Mckee and Libby Johnson Mckee