2024 Worlds Day 3 Report

7 January 2024

Tasar World Championships - Day 3

Another difficult day for the RO, with the light northerly disappearing before the start time of 2pm and then a wait for the light SE to fill in. Unfortunately to make things really difficult an unusual current (due to recent rains) meant the start boats were unable to hold their line for the start. This made for a difficult start for the first race of the day and a number of boats ended up with a black flag.

When the race did get away it was Harrison Sly/ Zara Challis (AUS) who picked the beat and lead all around the course followed by Lachlan Heath / Carmen Walker (AUS). But Jonathan McKee/ Libby Johnson McKee (USA) who showed their pedigree with a 5th right behind Chris Dance / Peter Hackett (AUS) with James Sly / Eliza Solly (AUS).

The second race was a similar event but with less current for the start and the wind a little less consistent across the course. This time the Japanese showed their skills with Satoshi Kami / Saori Kami (JPN) winning and Akihira Morita / Tomoyo Morita (JPN) finishing in 3rd with veteran Jay Renehan / Lisa Renehan (USA) splitting the Japanese boats.

Jonathan McKee / Libby Johnson McKee did a great job to catch up to 8th, which although their drop race is still cements their position in 1st. Chris Dance / Peter Hackett (AUS) also climbed back well to get another 4th and move clear into second overall.

The regatta now has a day off from racing, but with five more races scheduled for the last two days on the 8th and 9th of January it is still very open but a few boats are in a strong position.

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