2024 Worlds Final Report

9 January 2024

2024 Taser World Championships all over but the memories go on forever! 

It is not unusual for citizens of Melbourne to start a conversation with a reflection on the weather, it's actually a sport in its self to predict what will the day will bring and what has happened? Our city of Melbourne has rolled out all seasons…Hats off to every sailor as they have managed the amazing range of weather thrown at them over the series. But today was Port Phillip at its best with a perfect uninterrupted southerly race track with an oscillating 12 to 15 knot breeze. All final 3 races hit off with un bias lines and clear starts, switching on game face immediately as the class flag was dropped. Each side showed promise and spikes of brilliance but it was never for long… Together with constant gear changing, trim, working the varying sea states, the current, pressure and angle, todays racing injected all sailors with emotions of a text book yacht race. We say yacht racing is one of the highest decision making disciplines in the sporting platform, and today was no exception.  

USA2981 Dr Beverly Jonathan Mckee and Libby Johnson Mckee displayed extreme consistency and calculated professionalism throughout the whole series, an incredible result in winning the Championship.  Their best race a 3rd and worst a 13th they approached every race as a new beginning and managed each start with what was delivered. Congratulations to Jonathan and Libby.

AUS2967 Skippy, Harrison Sly and Zara Challis were an outstanding second over all, they are a powerful example of the new and younger generation of sailors, I watched them burst off the start line at the port end of race 8. Their boat was shinning with energy and performance, they sailed flat and fast working ever available gust and wave, their trim was perfect! 50 metres away on the media vessel I could felt their passion and will to take control….and they did just that to convincingly win that race and race 10. Bravo you two, we look forward to experiencing your next sailing challenge.

AUS2976 Magic, Chris Dance and Peter Hacket can only be described as the silent achievers, Chris and Pete are polite gentleman where there experience and preparation has developed an internal confidence to earn a position at the top. There Race 7 was notable by a calculated downwind comeback chopping out 20 places from 24th to 4th by picking an early gybe to take clear air all the way to the bottom gate.  

There have been so many wonderful stories across the championship, but family and friendships are the clear winners. I have played Beau Outteridges Day 3 highlight many times. Koki and Yuu's  happiness is infectious, the supportive culture of the Tasar community is also infectious… I love the thought of every human being smiling at each other for no reason ! 

Congratulations to all sailors…we hope all visitors have enjoyed our hospitality and thank you for visiting Sandringham Yacht Club, our state and our country. Take care with your travels home. There are a couple of things that make our sport of sailing a stand out, we never age out… leaving a life of experiences to continually grow and when we travel you can always guarantee a warm welcome by visiting a yacht club.


Our TOP 10 on SCRATCH:
1st - Jonathan & Libby Johnson McKEE (USA)  ��������
2nd - Harrison SLY & Zara CHALLIS (SYC)
3rd - Chris DANCE & Peter HACKETT (SYC)
4th - James SLY & Eliza SOLLY (SYC)
5th - Jay & Lisa RENEHAN (USA)  ��������
6th - Jon Holroyd & Tom Johnson (SYC)
7th - Mark & Ollie BULKA (McCrae YC)
8th - Alyosha Strum- Palerm & Analucca Clarkson (USA)  ��������
9th - Heather MacFARLANE & Chris Payne SYC)
10th - Rick LONGBOTTOM & Darryl BENTLEY (RANSA / Canberra YC/ GRSC)
AGE DIV  ����Trophies:


1st - Chris Dance & Peter Hackett
2nd - Lachlan Heath & Carmen Walker (MBSC QLD)
3rd - Mike & Molly KARAS (USA)


1st - Rick Longbottom & Darryl Bentley
2nd - Rob & Nic Douglass (JBSC NSW)
3rd - Craig McPhee & Wayne Hale (SA)


1st - Jon' & Libby J McKee
2nd - Jay & Lisa Renehan
3rd - Heather Macfarlane & Chris Payne


1st - Dennis Dixon (& Zac Bruce) , GBYC WA
3rd - Felix DUELL (SYC)


1st - Heather Macfarlane
2nd - Ellie Ungar (CYC)
3rd - Claire Medd (SYC)


Full regatta results as per the attached link.