First Lady

Tasar Worlds - First Lady
The First Lady trophy is awarded to the highest placing female skipper or crew in a World Championship.
1981 Canberra Yacht Club, Canberra, Australia Mary Paddon, Canada (no trophy awarded)
1983 Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada Leslie Miller, USA (no trophy awarded)
1985 Woollahra Sailing Club, Sydney, Australia Becky Brown, USA
1986 Queen Mary SC, London, England Louise Scullion, Australia
1988 Keppel Bay Sailing Club, Yeppoon, Australia Vanessa Dawson, Australia
1989 Jericho Sailing Centre, Vancouver, Canada Becky Brown, USA
1991 Largs Bay Sailing Club, Adelaide, Australia| Becky Brown, USA
1992 De La Mancha Yacht Club, Hayama, Japan Lisa Renehan, USA
1994 Brixham Yacht Club, Torbay, England Cheryl Hutchins, Australia (trophy awarded to Nicky Griffin)
1996 Seattle Yacht Club, Cascade Locks, OR, USA Libby McKee, USA
1998 Sandringham Yacht Club, Melbourne, Australia Verity Coulter
1999 Mikkabi Youth Centre, Hamana-Ko, Japan Noriko Tanaka, Japan
2001 Whitsable Yacht Club, Whitstable, England Carol Buchan, USA
2003 Canadian Forces Sailing Association, Victoria, BC, Canada Libby Johnson-McKee, WA, USA
2005 Darwin Sailing Club, Darwin, NT Australia Nicole Douglass, NSW, Australia
2007 Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket, Thailand Libby Johnson-McKee, WA, USA
2009 Wakayama Sailing Center, Wakayama, Japan Nicole Douglass, NSW, Australia
2011 Royal Torbay Yacht Club, Torquay, England Bronwyn Ridgway, Victoria, Australia
2013 Columbia Gorge Racing Association, Cascade Locks, OR, USA Haley Lane USA (trophy awarded to Heather Macfarlane)

2015 Geographe Bay Yacht Club, Busselton, WA, Australia, AUS Nicole Douglass, NSW, AUS

2017 Toyota Industries Kaiyoh Yacht Harbour, Gamagori, Japan Heather MacFarlane, VIC, AUS

2019 Haylind Island Sailing Club, Hayling Island, UK, Heather MacFarlane, VIC, AUS

2022 Corinthian Yacht Club, Seattle, USA, TBC

2024 Sandringham Yacht Club. Melbourne , Australia Heather MacFarlane, VIC, AUS