Checking for Centrecase Leaks

Checking for centrecase leaks.

Frank Bethwaite To check for leaks where the forward bulkhead is bonded to the bottom, or through the join between the bottom and the lower end of the centrecase, try this sequence -

1. Dry boat completely, set up on blocks so you can lie underneath and look at what is happening.

2. Put say two buckets of water into the forward void.

3. Look for leak. If none there is nothing wrong with the bulkhead to bottom join.

4. Siphon and sponge out the water from the void.

5. Put a bucket full into the bottom of the cockpit around the centrecase and bailer.

6. Look from underneath for leak.

7. If the boat leaks, use a sponge to wipe away the drips until you know for certain where the problem is.

Often it turns out to be the bailer seal, and the boat is OK.

8. Once you know what the problem is and where it is, the rest is easy.