2010 Proposed changes to Class Rules

Proposed changes to the Tasar Class Rules

ISAF has asked us to introduce two new class rules.

The first is necessary to allow owners to fit new equipment to existing boats following a Designer specification change in the supply of new boats. Proposed rule C.2.1(f): When as a result of an approved building specification change, there are changes to the equipment, fittings, spars, sails or running rigging supplied by the builder on new boats, the newly specified parts may be retrofitted and used on all other boats.

The second rule would give the specifications and measurements for RCB shroud slides and is intended to replace Interpretation No 37. This rule would cover RCB shroud tracks and cars supplied by the builder, and tracks and cars retrofitted to existing boats. Proposed rule C.2.2(o): Shroud tracks and cars using a 19mm RCB system comprising the following fittings or their equivalents may be fitted: Ronstan RC11902 cars Ronstan RC11980 track ends Ronstan RC1190-1.0 track Clamcleat CL 268AN cleats Ronstan RF 1850S shackles Rigid load-bearing backing plates of solid 18mm alloy or stainless bars which extend approximately 75mm past each end of each track. 4mm line either laid or braided A clevis pin may be fitted to each cleat to reduce friction in the line The distance from the bow U bolt to the forward track end bolt hole, measured at deck level as shown in Appendix 3, shall be a minimum of 2125mm and a maximum of 2135mm. Car travel must not exceed 140mm. The parts shall be assembled as shown in Appendix 3. A new Appendix 3 would be added to the Appendices section of the current rules: Appendix 3. Assembly and measurement of RCB shroud tracks and cars. The track shall be attached with bolts to the backing plate or bar fitted into the gunwhale groove. 1/4" MTS bolts or the equivalent must be used at each end of the tracks. Other bolts, of which there may be 1 or 2, may be either 3/16" or 1/4" MTS or the equivalent. When the track is retrofitted to replace an existing C-section track, the centrelines of the bolts for the original and the new tracks shall be the same.