Hard Case retro fit - Antony Boscolo (WTC President - 2013 World Champion)

  1. Remove daggerboard case packing materials. 

  2. Insert daggerboard into case and mark the portion that is within the trunk at full depth. 

  3. Wrap the marked portion of the daggerboard with 1mm of tape, and lubricate the surface to prevent sticking. Bakers paper (parchment paper) works well.

  4. Insert daggerboard in case and fixture or shim into sailing position. Daggerboard rake and fore/aft position can vary from boat to boat, depending on build. 

  5. Fill daggerboard case with closed cell expanding foam such as commonly found window and door foam, and let cure.

  6. Remove daggerboard.

  7. Remove foam from top and bottom 1cm for daggerboard.

  8. Fill those voids with epoxy composite filler.

  9. Gelcoat and fair to match hull lines.