NT Tasar Events

Tasars race in Division 5 at The Darwin Sailing Club. Click here for upcoming events at the Club (please note that you need to register for races by 9pm on the preceding Thursday). The regular racing occurs during the Point Score series. Tasars also regularly attend the very relaxed Friday Twilight sails.

We start sailing around Easter and finish sailing as the stinger and cyclone seasons begin in November. Racing is usually on a Sunday, and we try get out for a sundowner at least once a week. But it's common to see Tasars training on Fannie Bay in the wet season if there is a championship down south.

Our main event each year is the three-day NT Championships each Darwin Show weekend - usually the last Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday of July. Interstaters are encouraged to get in touch with us if they are interested in borrowing a boat for that event.