QLD Committee

A History of the Queensland Committee

Year President VP Secretary Treasurer
1985 Anthony Pritchett Ed Devlin Annabel James Karen Devlin
1986/87 Keith Stover Ed Devlin Don Fuller Karen Devlin
1988 Keith Stover David Todd Neil Dwyer Simon Yaksich
1989/90 Keith Stover Doug Hart Neil Dwyer Carmel Davis
1991/92 Peter Caldwell Keith Stover Cavell Caldwell  
1993 Julian Porter Peter Caldwell Dean Baker  
1994 Bob Efeney Russell Ford Cheryl Hutchins  
1995 Steve Watson   Murray O'Brien  
1996 John Brueland   Murray O'Brien  
1997/98 Cath Kroerner   Katie Bundred Rebekah Taylor
1999/00 Peter McGregor   Peter Graham John Brueland
2001 Peter McGregor   Peter McGregor Paul Whittem
2002 Greg Heath   Jo Barnes Paul Whittem
2003/05 Greg Heath   Peter McGregor Peter McGregor
2006/07 Wayne Sampson Peter McGregor Wayne Sampson Michelle Sampson
2008/09 Wayne Sampson Peter McGregor Peter Loader Sandy Grant

On the 11th November 2009 the Qld Association was dissolved and the welfare of the Queenslanders is now managed by the ATC