2011 State Titles at Townsville

Written by Alex Kostin

The 13 boat, and 13 race 'sprint' series format for the 2011 Qld titles proved to be very popular amongst all competitors, especially the craftier persons amongst the group. Run over two consecutive days on the Queens Birthday weekend at Townsville, this series showed itself to be very kind on boat gear and crew as the winds only once got above 10 knots, and that was for the last five minutes of the last race of the whole regatta.

While the soft winds might have favoured the lighter persons amongst the fleet, it was still their superior racecraft tactics which consistently won out in the end. Aiden and Peter Macgregor on 'Tortle' were going to be the ones to beat as they won the first four races in fine style, with'High in the Bite' sailed by Mike Overland and Dan Walker, taking out consecutive second in the first four races.

With both of these boats hailing from Tinaroo Dam it clearly supported the advantages of good race competition to bring out the best abilities in sailors. Greg and Judy Heath from Mission Beach on 'BeeBop' also looked the goods in the first five races with a couple of thirds and a fifth place. Unfortunately illness took its toll on them and they were forced to pull out of the series after day one.

One does ask what might have been, had they have been in good health! Those couple of foxes from the Whitsundays, Jenny and Bill Mairs sailing 'On Ice', took out the series third place and Masters Division with very creditable seconds and thirds over the weekend.

'Round Magnetic Island Race

While Monday's 24 nm 'Round Magnetic Island race' was not part of the titles; two boats 'Goldrush' and 'MG' took the opportunity for a grand circumnavigation of the island.

With the wind considerably stronger than was experienced over the titles, and bullets of wind funneling through the island's mountains, the comments from Bundaberg's Mike and Gail Bayer on 'MG' were interesting."Planing on the gusts on dead flat water and sailing between schools of jumping Tuna right beside the boat was incredible, the best sail we've EVER had", were their comments.

Travel time

It was a credit to those persons making big kilometers to help make this regatta a success, e.g. Tinaroo to Townsville 5 1/2 hrs, Bundaberg to Townsville 9 ½ hrs.