Measurement Information

How to Prepare Your Boat for Measurement


We will be measuring all boats during the allocated time for measurement.  We intend to measure most boats on the 28th December before the Australian Championships.  You will be able to select an allocated time that suits you for the measurement.  To help us make this an efficient process we ask that you read the following.  Measurement documents

Please come to the measurement area during your measurement slot with both skipper and crew and:

  • boat on its trolley
  • mast down and top section apart
  • mast completely disconnected from the boat (ie no side-stays attached to the boat)
  • mainsheet disconnected from boom
  • foils to be used in the regatta in their bags
  • sails to be used in the regatta in their bags, including a 2nd jib if you want one measured
  • hull must be dry for weighing
  • nothing in the buoyancy tanks or the storage bags
  • all sheets removed if possible (if not, we can lift them when weighing)
  • hatch covers in the boat
  • compass in the boat
  • side-stay pull backs on
  • any measurement correctors for the hull attached to the hull as per class rules.

During the process we will need you to put the mast up, so please ensure you have everything you need to do that (i.e. side-stays, shackles, shackle keys etc).


Random Measurement Checks

During the regatta, random measurement checks and inspections will be carried out.  A boat selected for inspection shall report to the nominated area on the instruction of the Race Committee, Technical Committee or Jury immediately after coming ashore (see Notice of Race for details)


Labelling Your Gear

Over 100 entries will generate a lot of gear.  You are advised to label all your equipment with your sail number, including the two mast sections, sail bags, foils and foil bags, jib sticks, trolleys, and covers.  You will thank us later...


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Current Measurement slots can be found here.