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2016 Walpole - Regatta in the Trees

Most photos are on the TAWA Facebook page.

WR2016_LE_Day 1 (268).JPG WR2016_LE_Day 1 (708).JPG

More photos available soon.


2016 TAWA State Championships - Part 2 on 31& 31 January 2016 at MOFSC.

DSC_4108-aa.JPG DSC_4033.JPG

DSC_4034-a.jpg DSC_4036-a.jpg

DSC_4264-a.jpg DSC_4042-a.jpg

DSC_4172-a.jpg DSC_4118-a.jpg

2016 TAWA State Championships - Part 1 on 22 Novevember 2015 at MBSC.

2015_November 008.JPG 2015_November 002-a.JPG

  2015_November 009-a.JPG

2015_November 050.JPG 2015_November 039-a.JPG

2015_November 013.JPG 2015_November 023-a.JPG


Team TAWA at Townsville Aust. Championships - Sept/Oct 2015

 Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_020.jpg  Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_r.jpg

Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_t.jpg  Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_j.jpg

Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_l.jpg  Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_n.jpg

Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015.jpg  Townsville Tasar Nationals 2015_m.jpg

                           Photos are on TAWA Facebook page and more on Townville S.C.'s facebook page.  Also more on the event photographers web site 


2015 State Championships  -  Part 2 at Hillarys

2015_March 105.JPG 2015_March 033.JPG

2015_March 102.JPG 2015_March 100.JPG

2015_March 098.JPG 2015_March 020.JPG

2015_March 094.JPG 2015_March 099.JPG

2015_March 034.JPG 2015_March 081.JPG

2015_March 109.JPG 2015_March 035.JPG

2015_March 017.JPG 2015_March 028.JPG

2015_March 036.JPG 2015_March 012.JPG

2015_March 063.JPG 2015_March 040.JPG

2015_March 023.JPG 2015_March 075.JPG  

 2015_March 025.JPG 2015_March 011.JPG

2015_March 037.JPG 2015_March 045.JPG

2015_March 060.JPG 2015_March 085.JPG

2015_March 110.JPG 2015_March 086.JPG

2015_March 084.JPG 2015_March 118.JPG

2015_March 048.JPG 2015_March 002.JPG

2015_March 003.JPG 2015_March 010.JPG


Mini Series at Royal Perth on 7 & 8 February 2015

 RPYC Mini Series 2015 Tasars_a.jpg  A race start

 RPYC Mini Series 2015 Tasars_f.jpg  Bill and Leslie

Australia Day 2015 regatta at Safety Bay

SBYC Australia Day Regatta 2015_aa.jpg   SBYC Australia Day Regatta 2015_bb.jpg

2015 Busselton - 2 to 9 January - Tasar 2015 World Championships

                                  Tasar 2015 World Champions.jpg 

  2015 World Champions - Chris Dance and Peter Hackett from Australia sailed on 2858 "Doppio".

         Tasar 2015 second place Douglass.jpg                  Tasar_2015_Third_Place.jpg

Second Place - Rob & Nicole Douglass from Australia         Third Place - Jay & Lisa Renehan from USA

Tasar_2015_First_Female_Helm_small file.jpg  Tasar_2015_First_female.jpg

     First Female Helm -   Heather MacFarlane from Australia              First Lady - Nicole Douglass

         TASAR_2015_Nick_and Graeme_Willis-World_Junior_Helm_2015.JPG

Junior Helm - Nick and Gaeme Willis of Western Australia

 Tasar 2015 Worlds_GBYC from air_small copy.JPG Tasar 2015 Worlds_Practice_Race before start_small copy.jpgPractice Race pre-start

TASAR 2015 Worlds_race 2 on January 4.jpg 

 Race 2 going to wing mark

 Tasar 2015 Worlds_Race 3_Start_small file.JPG Tasar 2015 Worlds_Race 3 before bottom mark_Small_file.JPG

                         Race 3 Start                                                Race 3 bottom mark

Tasar 2015 Worlds Race 5 prior to start.jpg Tasar 2015 Worlds Race 5 start.jpg

                           Before Race 5                                        Race 5 start - Port half of start line.

Tasar 2015 Worlds Race 5 finisher Boat_35.jpg

                        Race 5 finisher

 TASAR 2015 Worlds_race 6 near wing mark_small file.jpg

                    Race 6 at wing mark

TASAR_2015_Tuesday_6_Jan_returning to shore.jpg

            Returning to shore after Race 6 on Tuesday 6 January 2015

  Tasar 2105 Worlds_Race 9 past top mark_small file.JPG

                                  Race 9 at top mark

Tasar_2015_Japan sailors.JPG  Tasar_2015_preparing for Japan 2017 presentation.jpg

            Japan team relaxing                                                         Preparing for Japan 2017 presentation

 Tasar 2015 Japan receiving flag.jpg Tasar 2015 presentation night crowd.jpg

                Japan receiving Tasar Flag                                            Presentation evening crowd

 Tasar 2015 regatta office people.jpg Tasar 2015 raffle winner.jpg

                        Regatta office people                                            Raffle winner of new jib

Tasar 2015 volunteers.jpg

                                           Regatta volunteers 

 2014 Busselton - 29 & 30 November -

Worlds Test Event No.2 & 2015 State Championships Heats 1 to 5.

 2014_Nov 041.JPG  2014_Nov 010.JPG 2014_Nov 035.JPG 2014_Nov 043.JPG 2014_Nov 038.JPG

 2014_Nov 008.JPG 2014_Nov 014.JPG 2014_Nov 011.JPG

 2014_Nov 018.JPG 2014_Nov 020.JPG 2014_Nov 023.JPG

 2014_Nov 024.JPG 2014_Nov 027.JPG 2014_Nov 039.JPG


2014  Hillarys Yacht Club - Club racing during November

HYC_2014_Nov_15_c.jpg HYC_2014_Nov_15_d.jpg 


2014  Sail Fremantle Regatta - 28 October

 Sail_Fremantle_2014_n.jpg Sail_Fremantle_2014_g.jpg Sail_Fremantle_2014_h.jpg

 2014  Mounts Bay S.C. Opening Day

MBSC Opening Day 2014_a.jpg MBSC Opening Day 2014_b.jpg

2014  Busselton - Test Event #1 for 2015 Worlds, conducted 28 September 2014.

GBYC_2014_Sept 004.JPG GBYC_2014_Sept 019.JPG Rigging & boat handling tips

GBYC_2014_Sept 013.JPG Briefing GBYC_2014_Sept 026.JPG

GBYC_2014_Sept 034.JPG GBYC_2014_Sept 029.JPG

 2014 - Mounts Bay S.C. - Winter training days

Tasars at MBSC 2014_winter_01.jpg

 Winter 2014 MBSC training.jpg

2014 Hillarys Y.C. - Winter Series heat

2014_July 116.JPG 2014_July 010.JPG

2014 Busselton Winter Series - "a drifter"

 Winter series 2014 GBYC.jpg

2014 Royal Perth Y.C. Mini Series - February

2014 RPYC Mini Series_leaving shore day_2.jpgLeaving shore on morning of day 2

2013 Worlds - Cascade Locks, USA

 Fiona and Lloyd at 2013 Worlds.JPG   Fiona & Lloyd representing Western Australia

2013 State Championships at Busselton

Western Australia

2009 - 2010 State Championships

2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 021.JPG 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 044.jpg 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 074.JPG2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 124.JPG 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 170.JPG 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 183.JPG  

 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 189.JPG 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21 320.JPG 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21_20031.jpg2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21_20092.jpg 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21_20293.jpg 2009-10 Tasar State Championships 2010-02-21_20306.jpg

2009-10 Australia Championships at Airlie Beach

 IMG_37001.jpg  IMG_3707.jpg IMG_3724.jpg IMG_3727.jpg IMG_3746.jpg

State Championships at Royal Perth Y.C.

 IMG_5821.JPG IMG_5852.JPG IMG_5854.JPG

Australian Championships - Sydney - Scott & Julie Olsen


 Scott & Julie on the Swan River


Approximately 1995

- Matilda Bay on the Swan River - Greg Jennings and Ian Beeson

Greg J Tasar approx 1995 at Crawley Bay 

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