Programme and Results

                     TASAR  WESTERN  AUSTRALIA  programme

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TAWA Season Calendar


Club Opening Days

  • Sat 2nd Oct: MBSC and GBYC

  • Sat 9th Oct: MOFSC and RPYC

Traveller series

  • Sat 6th Nov: GBYC

  • Sat 11th Dec: DBYC

  • Sat 2nd April: MOFSC

New Years Eve Regatta

  • Fri 31st Dec: MBSC

Tasar Nationals

  • 31st Dec 2021 to 7th Jan 2022: Port Lincoln, South Australia

Australia Day Regatta

  • 22-23nd Jan: GBYC

TAWA States

  • 12-13th Feb: RPYC (part of Mini Series)

Walpole in the Trees Regatta

  • 5-6th Mar: Walpole Yacht Club

Tasar Worlds

  • 17-25th Sept 2022: Shilshole Bay, Seattle USA