2018-19 - 34rd Western Australian State Championships
Mounts Bay Sailing Club

16th - 17th February 2019

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The Tasar Association of Western Australia has a new State Champion.
Congratulations to Lloyd Lissiman and Skip Lissiaman who dethroned multiple State Champions Scott and Julie Olsen. Lloyd and Skip are preparing for the next Tasar World Championship being held in Hayling Island, UK later this year and we wish them luck.

The racing took place over two days at Mounts Bay Sailing Club. 5 races were held with the format varying between the Saturday to the Sunday.

Saturday the fleet faced a strong South Westerly breeze for a late afternoon start in Melville Water East. MBSC set a triangle course for the fleet and conducted two fourty minute races. The extreme conditions were a challenge with even some the top crews capsizing in spectacular fashion. Following the racing TAWA held a social function where we enjoyed a BBQ buffet and drinks. We also reviewed the World Tasar Council's proposal to update class rules. This was an effective forum to understand and discuss some positive changes to our class.

Sunday the racing coincided with Mounts Bay Sailing Club's short course series. Three twenty minute races were held in a windward leeward format in Matilda Bay. The conditions on Sunday were much calmer with the first race starting in 8 to 12 knots. The sea breeze slowly built to about 15 knots for the final race. These were perfect conditions for the fleet with extremely close racing for all places. Small mistakes were costly which shows the quality of the fleet. The results were decided during the last race with Lloyd and Skip managing to hold of Scott and Julie to take the win in the last heat and win the series.
Well done to all sailors who competed, the standard of racing was high throughout the fleet which is excellent for Tasar Sailing in Western Australia.

Championship Results:
1st Tae Think Again - Lloyd and Skip Lissiman
2nd Escape Boat - Scott and Julie Olsen
3rd Critical Path - David Meehan and Rhyss Edwards

Handicap Results:
1st - Dennis Dixon and Fin Manning
2nd - Kayne and Louise Binks
3rd - Anton and Portia Mann

The teams trophy was won by Royal Perth Yacht Club.

Thanks to all the volunteers from the MBSC who jumped on board boats on Saturday and Sunday to support the class. Finally a big thank you to Brendon Green for running a superb event as Principal Race Officer and forgoing the opportunity to sail. The racing was superbly run with true courses and no delay between heats. A very big thank you from all TAWA members.

2922 Winning States



2017-18 33rd Western Australian State Championships

Geographe Bay Yacht Club (Inc)
27th - 28th January 2018

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  2016-17 TAWA State Championships   



32ndWesternAustralian State



Organising Authority

Royal Perth Yacht Club

18th & 19th March 2017


Western Australian Tasar State Championship is being conducted by Royal Perth Yacht Club from the 18th to 19th  March 2017 on the waters adjacent to RPYC Fremantle Annexe on behalf of the Tasar Association of Western Australia.


Well done to Scott and Julie Olsen for their 10th State chanpionship result in a row!


Overall results are  here

Handicap results are   here


TAWA newsletters "Tasar Talk" available -

To receive each edition of our newsletter in your email, send an email to the TAWA Secretary and request to be put on the email list for the newsletter.   See the Contacts menu for the Secretary's email address.

  June 2016 newsletter is here.

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            2016 Winter Series for each Club where Tasars are sailed in W.A.

The winter series for each Tasar Club is listed below. 

Mounts Bay S.C.  15 May, 19 June, 17 July, 21 August, 18 September.  Sunday.

                                                                     Training 11 am, start 2 pm, 3 races, Presentations each day.

Geographe Bay Y.C.   12 June, 3 July, 7 August, 4 September.  Sunday mornings.

                                                                           Start 10:30 am,    Presentations each day.

Hillarys Y.C.   11 & 25 June, 23 July, 6, 20 & 27 August.  Saturday mornings.

                                                      On water training, Briefing 8:45 am, start 9:45 am, 3 races,  Presentations each day.



             2016 State Championships - Part 2 on 30 & 31 January 2016.

The Part 2 of the 2016 TAWA State Championships were sailed at Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club on the waters of the Indian Ocean adjacent to the Marina.  The races planned for the afternoon of Saturday 30 January were postponed due to storms with lighting.  On the Sunday only 3 races were sailed due to the strong southerly winds increasing and creating unsafe conditions.  Many of the competitors chose not to sail due to the forecast strong winds     Those who did venture out enjoyed the gate starts with the triangle sausage configuration course which was the same configuration as used at the Busselton Worlds.   But by the end of the 3rd race of the day the winds were gusting over 26 knots.

Scott and Julie Olsen won all races to claim the 2016 State Championship.  Neil Forster won the 2016 Handicap State Championship.  Royal Perth Y.C. won the Club Team trophy.

On Saturday evening many TAWA people enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with fellow Tasar sailors with dinner at the Clubhouse.  On Sunday after the races there were the presentation of trophies and prizes, including bottles of wine from the event sponsor, Swings & Roundabouts Winery & Taphouse.  Thank you to Mandurah O.F.S.C. for a well run regatta and great hospitality.

Results can be found in the Results section of the Programme and Results menu.


             2016 State Championships - Part 1 on 22 November 2015.

The Part 1 of the 2016 TAWA State Championships were sailed at Mounts Bay Sailing Club on Matilda Bay on the afternoon of 22 November 2015.  There were 22 of the 25 entrants competing in three windward/leeward courses, in a north westerly breeze.   It was close sailing competitive sailing on the short course.  Afterwards it was the usual great hospitality and post race analysis at Mounts Bay.

After the three heats, the lead boat is Scott & Julie Olsen.  Complete results can be seen on the Results menu of the Programme and Results menu.  More photos on our Facebook page and also the Photo Gallery.



             Team TAWA at Townsville Aust. Championships - Sept/Oct 2015

The seven boats in our TAWA State Team had a great time at the Townsville Nationals, both on and off the water.  There were 61 boats in the event.  Congratulations to Scott and Julie who were our best placed team in 7th place, to Nick and Graeme who again won the Junior Helm, and to Sharon Carmichael for winning the best bruises competition (which is probably not the most wanted award).

Well done for their great efforts to the other members of the team, Neil and Wendy Harrison (15th in the Grand Masters), Chris and Sharon Carmichael (19th in the Grand Masters),  Ken and CJ Waller (4th in Super Grand Masters), Brendon and Kate Green, Doug and Ryan Kelly.

To get all the results of the event, go to their web site which also has a link to the Facebook page for the sailing club which there are lots of photos of the sailing and social activities. 



                                                                                                                         more photos in Gallery & on Facebook 

                Seven W.A. Tasars going to Nationals in Townsville.

There will be seven Tasars from W.A. going to the Australian Championships to be held in Townsville, Queensland, during late September 2015.

Preparations are well underway for transporting the boats in a 40 foot container by road.  Some fund raising activities, to help with the cost of the transportation, are in progress including some raffles and a dinner at a winery near Margaret River.  The winery, Swing & Roundabouts, is the sponsor for the 2016 State Championships.


               2015 Winter Series for each Club where Tasars are sailed in W.A.

The winter series for each Tasar Club is listed below.  The TAWA nominated events will be advised in the May newsletter.  Training available at HYC and MBSC.

Hillarys Y.C.   6 & 20 June, 4 & 18 July, 1 & 15 August.  Saturday mornings.

                                                      On water training, Briefing 8:45 am, start 9:45 am, 3 races,  Presentations each day.

Mounts Bay S.C.  17 May, 14 June, 19 July, 16 August, 20 September.  Sunday.

                                                                     Training 11 am, start 2 pm, 3 races, Presentations each day.

Geographe Bay Y.C.   7 June, 5 July, 2 August, TBA September.  Sunday mornings.

                                                                           Start 10:30 am,    Presentations each day.

Mandurah O.F.S.C.   7 June, 5 July, 2 August, 6 September.  Sunday afternoons.

                                                                          Start 1 pm, 2 races,  Presentations each day.


                2015 State Championships our biggest ever

The 2015 TAWA State Championships had the most entries of any previous States, with 22 boats entered.  Both parts 1 and 2 had big fleets, but the weather for Part 2 at Hillarys provided breakages and an injury, to reduce the number of boats completing the series, which was unfortunate for those involved.

Scott and Niko on 2937 "Escape Boat" continued their consistent good form to win the State Championships.  Second place went to David and Peter on 2938 "Critical Path", with third place going to Matt and Leanne on 2782 "Fusion".


The Club Team trophy was won by Hillarys Yacht Club, and was accepted by Neil Harrison on 2919 "A Day at the Races".


The first place on Handicap went to Greg and Berenice (Hillarys crew) and Jessica (Busselton crew) on 1042 "Wave".  Second place went to Dean and Zoe on 1651 "Straight Jacket".  Third place went to Trevor and Zale on 2915 "Zailing".


There were lots of humourous stories and some not so funny, about what was happening at each event, and help to make it a relaxed event off the water.  It was good to see everyone interacting well and helping each other when needed with such things as launching and retrieving boats. 

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the event a success at both venues, especially to Robin Olsen for being Race Officer at Busselton and assisting & mentoring at Hillarys' with Race Officer John Porter.  Also a special thank you to Sue Olsen for processing the race results at both venues.  The prizes and trophies provided by TAWA for the event were well received.


Complete results are available in the Results page which is a sub-page of the Programme and Results menu on the right of screen.

Due to the event being held in two parts, the first in November 2014 as part of the Worlds Test Event, and the second part on 21 & 22 March 2015, not everyone was available for both parts.  So the biggest number of boats on the water at one time was 19, which was great to see and also great to sail with.  Also there were other boats who were unavailable for the event, so next year we can expect more entries and more fun.


         Walpole in the Trees regatta - 28 Feb & 1 March 2015

This regatta was a big success for our Tasar Class with 12 boats taking part in this well run event.  Although it had a surplus of wind, most people enjoyed the conditions and a good sized fleet, plus the location of the sailing Club and the caravan park behind the beach made for easy movement to & from the regatta and also a lot of social activity.  Race results are on the results section of the programme menu.  There was a general opinion that we will return again next year for some more fun and great sailing on the huge inlet. 


     Australia Day 2015 weekend Regatta at Safety Bay Y.C.

Five Tasars planned to sail in this traditional Regatta however Matthew and Leanne Hoffman were a late withdrawal due to injury.  Starters were then Scott and Nico, David and Tiffany, Brendan and Kate and Lloyd and Fiona.

David Meehan's early sailing years were spent at Safety Bay and it was interesting to hear how the Yacht Club, that is now about 100m back from the beach with sand dunes and scrub in between, was once right on the beach. Launching and retrieving the boats was a novelty, involving either a tractor or a four wheel drive, and even a tiger snake.  David tested out his four wheel driving skills one day and despite being stuck for a while he tells us he was not technically bogged, as he managed to get out again without a tow. 

The sailing was superb, with Scott and Nico leading the way in all races except when they started on an extra lap.  The SBYC committee did a great job getting enough races each day before very strong afternoon breezes. The course area was close to Penguin Island. David and Brendon's local knowledge showed the rest of us up at times.


    Lots more sailing still in 2015 season 

There has been a short break after the recent Worlds and now we are into a series of events for Tasars at various venues during the next few months, then we will have a Winter Series.  Check the Programme menu item (right of screen) so you can be a part of these great Tasar events.

Ensure you get in early to arrange your accommodation for those events which require accommodation.

Also Training days have been suggested, so discuss this concept with your Club representitive or TAWA Committee members, so we can develop activities that our members want. 

               Australia Day Regatta at Safety Bay

  2015  World Championships at Busselton.

This most successful and enjoyable event has been completed.  For information and results check the 2015 web site and facebook page.  The Report on the event will be available soon, or you can check the daily reports on the 2015 Facebook site.

Also see our Photo Gallery which has some photos from the event.  We look forward to the next Worlds in Japan in 2017.


        Worlds Test Event at Busselton a success.

A large group of Tasar sailors gathered in Busselton on 29 & 30 November for a successful Test Event & TAWA State Championships heats 1 to 5.  The weather was sunny with light to moderate breezes on slight to flat clear waters.  There was practices of the various start line lengths expected to be used at the 2015 Worlds, plus all five planned courses were used, with no obvious problems encountered.  The competitors had tight congested starts and close competitive races, which were of the expected duration for the Worlds.  There was also one visitor team from NSW, Rob & Nic Douglass.   There are some photos in the "Photo Gallery" section and also some items on the Facebook site.



         Competitor Updates for Tasar 2015 World Championships

 For the latest 2015 Worlds news and competitor updates, keep an eye on the web site and the Facebook site


         Busselton in January 2015 for Tasar 2015 World Championships

Busselton in January 2015 is where all Tasar sailors will want to be, for the Tasar 2015 World Championships which take place from 2nd to 9th January.  It is expected to have at least 100 Tasars competing.  The Geographe Bay Yacht Club will be the host venue with the sailing taking place on the waters between the Club and the Busselton Jetty, to provide good viewing for people on the land and the Jetty.

Information including competitor updates, Entry Forms, accommodation, results plus much more is available on the web site 

The latest news and information will be available on the Facebook site 

late entry fee must be paid after 31st October.   The event organisers are striving to get all entries in before this date, as this not only saves all competitors money, it also significantly helps the organisers to put on a great event. 

Regatta Merchandise must be pre-ordered on-line via the link or from the web site for collection at the regatta registration.  Do this as soon as possible, to ensure it will be available.


 Be a part of this exciting event, as a competitor, a volunteer or just come along to watch the spectacle.



             TAWA  2015  State  Championships

The 2015 State Championships will be conducted in two halves.

First half at GBYC, Busselton   on 29 and 30 November 2014 as part of a Test Event for the Worlds 2015.

Second half will be at Hillarys Yacht Club on 21 and 22 March 2015.

Information will be available on the State Championships menu of this web site for TAWA. 


            Successful event at Busselton GBYC on Sunday 28th September. 

12 Tasars from local and Perth areas were at the first TEST EVENT for the 2015 Tasar World Championships.  There were 7 races conducted back to back on the course area in front of the GBYC Clubhouse, in winds around 16 - 17 knots with a lot of wind waves and chop, to provide interesting and at times challenging conditions with great rides on the reaching legs of the course.  Well done by those organising and conducting the event.

Everyone enjoyed the sailing and commaraderie, with a lot of discussion and enthusiasm being generated for the 2015 Worlds next January.   Information about the 2015 World Championships is available on the web site 

                                    See Gallery for more photos.


For the latest information and news, refer to our Facebook site  





Tasar Association of W.A. 2015 State Championships


The 2015-16 TAWA State Championships were conducted on two weekends at two Clubs.

The first part of the Championships was on Sunday 22 November 2015 at Mounts Bay Sailing Club.   Afternoon races on Matilda Bay followed by post race gathering in the Clubhouse.

The second part of the Championships was on 30 and 31 January 2016 at Mandurah O.F.S.C.. with afternoon races on the 30th and morning races on the 31st.  There was a social activity on the Saturday evening at the sailing Club, as per information on our Facebook page.   Other meals were also be available at the Club, including breakfast.  For event details please refer to the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions.  The rigging area was near the Hook Cafe and at the launching area which is outside the Club grounds.

Reports, Photos and Results will be on our Facebook and on this web site.  Also see our Photo Gallery.

The reports & photos on this successful event will be in the News  and Photo Gallery sections of this site, on Facebook and newsletter. 

                                   2015_March 034.JPG 

                               2014_Nov 039.JPG   Busselton - Preparing for Sunday's races.