2001 JTA Report to WTC

Report from  Atsuo Yasuzawa, President, JTA, to the 2001 World Council Meeting.

I am sorry that I cannot be with you to give this report in person but hope you are having a good championship.  JTA is currently in good health despite the ongoing recession in Japan. Our numbers have increased since last year and we now have 125 registered boats.  We run a full programme of seasonal championships, a national championship and open meetings.

Japan is split into East and West and there is a lot of rivalry at regattas between the two divisions, though coaching sessions at clubs are supported by the best sailors from across the country.  The next national championships will be 20th - 21st October in Wakayama City near Osaka. Overseas entries will be most welcome.

JTA is concerned about the future of Tasar sailing worldwide.  There are gaps in dinghy parks in Japan and the ages of sailors are increasing. Young people have many options to choose from.  We promote the Tasar as a fast boat for family sailors, one that can be used by different generations of the same family. We have attempted to promote the Tasar in other Asian countries and have invited sailors to our regattas. They like the boat.  Mr Yoshikawa presented a Tasar as a gift to the Singapore Yacht Club in 1994.

We feel class rule 29 is a handicap to our efforts.  The arguments about rule 29 have been discussed and are well known, but have never been substantiated with real data. We will be proposing a review of equalisation for world events. We believe a weight penalisation system has no justification at world events although we would understand if some countries wished to maintain it for their own regions.

We want to increase the size of the world Tasar fleet at a time when it appears to be shrinking. Good sailing to you all.

Atsuo Yasuzawa, August 25, 2001