2003 Designers Report

Report from the Designer to the 2003 World Council Meeting

My association with the NS14, then Nova, then Tasar class now spans nearly 44 years. I am immensely proud of the contribution to recreational sailing that we have been able to make with our state of the art "Good boat for a man and a woman." Few things in my life have given me as much satisfaction as seeing large numbers of intelligent men and women from many different countries gathered to enjoy each others' company, with the practise of the cultured art of small-boat sailing their common interest.

I have very greatly enjoyed sailing, and sailing well, in many world and national regattas. I have enjoyed contributing, where possible, to keeping the Tasar light, fast and relevant to its time. I have enjoyed assisting the growth and conduct of the Class' organisation, In all of this I have been able to remain relevant and my opinion respected because I have always been a participant.

With increasing age I can no longer move quickly enough to sail at championship level, nor do I now have the strength to perform creditably through a series of stronger-wind races. I know that I could attend and watch, but watching from the side-line has never been my style. I would have liked to attend, so I kept my options open - In the event, an urgent skin graft has settled the matter. I am recovering well, but long flights are off the agenda for awhile.

I would like to acknowledge and thank the organisers for their great effort, and to share with every contestant the wish that his or her dream will come true, and to send my best wishes to the assembled gathering for another enjoyable Worlds.

Concerning the future, I believe the class will be best served if it -

· Acknowledges the strength and importance of the Japanese region and amends the crew rule in some way which will begin to be fair to their generally smaller and lighter stature.

· Restores the boat to its designed weight, speed and responsiveness.

Good sailing, and a convivial worlds.

Frank Bethwaite.