2001 NATA Measurer Report to WTC

Report from Todd Blumel, NATA Measurer, to the Tasar World Council

In North American we've continued with our program of measurement and information. This approached has resulted in many of the Tasar owners  checking their own boats to make sure they are with in the rules. This has been a very successful approach as evident at the recent North American Championships when every boat measured in on the first try. Over the last couple of years this approach of measuring did find two problems, some how there were a number of whisker pole that we cut approximately 50 mm too long and some fore stay were made 76.20 mm too long as well. Both problems were easily corrected at the source. Even though the North American Tasar Association has not been enforcing the strop length rule only 16 boats were found to have a strop length in excess of 10 inches. The fleet statistics are as follows: Average unbalasted hull weight 146.8lbs or 66.6 kg Max unbalasted hull weight 165 lbs or 74.8 kg Min unbalasted hull weight 136 lbs or 61.6 kg.

Windowed main project (link to photo of window)

This project was started as a result of a number of near collisions between boats, in almost every case the lack of visibility for the skipper was a contributing factor. Also many of the people who where new to the Tasar commented on the idea of installing a window like may of the other classes of boats they had sail before. The idea kept coming up so after some discussion about the best location for a window it was decided to try it and see if the objective of better visibility would be realised. The test began when John Evetts of Alvis marine donated a used main sail and UK Sails installed the window as per our specifications. Over the past year a test sail was distributed through the NATA for people to try and develop an opinion. To date the opinion of those that have used the sail has been extremely positive. There has been some discussion as to the exact location of the window it has become clear that a window in the main did improve the visibility for both the skipper and crew. If it is decided that a window in the main will be allowed I feel the following guild lines should be used.
1) It must be possible to install the window in existing main sails
2) The cost should be relatively inexpensive ($100 Canadian or Less)
3) The material used should be the best available at this time.
4) The one design principals of Tasar must be adhered to, in other words all the windows must be the same world wide.

Todd Blumel, NATA Measurer
August 21, 2001

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