2005 Proposal from JTA for Venue of 2007 World Titles

Report to 2005 World Council Meeting

2007 Tasar World Championship

I would like to start by confirming what has happened up to now. First, in 1999 we had an unofficial proposal from Mr. Constantijn Udo, asking for the 2007 World Championship to take place in Europe, although it was originally Japan's turn to hold the Words.

Then in 2001 at the World Council meeting in England, this proposal was officially made to JTA. In the same year, Mr. Udo himself attended the JTA general meeting and explained his ideas to JTA members, and asked for their understanding to hold the 2007 Worlds in Europe. At that meeting JTA officially decided that the Worlds could take place in Europe in 2007 and in Japan in 2009. JTA sent that outcome to Mr. Richard Spencer. Mr. Spencer replied in June 2002 that the 2005 Worlds would be in Darwin, the 2007 Worlds in Europe, and the 2009 Worlds in Japan. From this, JTA understood that this was approved by the World Council.

We confirmed to Mr. Udo that the 2007 Worlds would be in Europe at the World Council meeting in Victoria, Canada in 2003.

However, Mr. Spencer has been advised by Mr. Udo in June 2005 that he has not been able to make arrangements for the 2007 Worlds to be held in Europe. Therefore, the World Council at this time is in the situation of not being able to inform everyone where and when the next Worlds will be held.

If Mr. Udo could, I would like everyone participating in this Worlds to hear from him the progress he has made from 2003 to now. As President of JTA, I have the responsibility to explain this to JTA members.

If the 2007 Worlds is held outside Europe, not only Japan but every region and every state has only two years to prepare, no matter where the next Worlds will be held.

When I return to Japan, I will immediately discuss this situation with JTA members.

George Motoyoshi
JTA President