2005 Proposal from JTA for Region Voting

Report to 2005 World Council Meeting

Suggestion to the World Tasar Council for Reviewing Voting Procedures

The first time I came up with a question on this issue was when JTA was asked by Mr. Richard Spencer to help pay expenses for repairing a trophy, before the Worlds in Victoria in 2003. Richard suggested that each region should pay one-fourth of the cost of repairs equally. However, at that time, I thought that it would be better if either each region and each state in Australia holding voting rights should pay, or each registered member should pay an equal amount. The reason I felt this way is because, since the Tasar Class was approved by ISAF as a recognized class, the share of expenses for ISAF dues is paid depending on the number of members in each region.

For voting on rule changes, at this present time, Australia has six votes, and the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Japan each have one vote. However, looking at Australia, Western Australia has the minimum number of members with 13, compared to NSW with 96 members. As you can see, there is a difference of 7.5 times the number of members between states carrying the same responsibility of one vote each.

I believe that correcting this unbalanced situation is necessary for the expansion of the Tasar Class. And from this day forward, the World Council could discuss this suggestion in more depth, and I hope we could come up with a fair and balanced voting mechanism.

George Motoyoshi
JTA President