2003 - Requirements for a Tasar World Championships

Requirements for Tasar World championships
- approved by the World Council, June 23, 2003.


There is no formal set of requirements for a Tasar worlds, but there are some things that are required by the ISAF and MNAs, and some things that are required by our class rules and by motions passed by the World Council.

Agreement of the MNA

Agreement to hold the event.  The ISAF require the agreement of the MNA (member national authority, e.g. CYA or US Sailing) before they will approve a world championship. Organizers should contact their MNA immediately following approval of the site by the World Council to get the MNA's agreement to the proposed venue, dates and organizing club. The MNA should send a letter or email to the Exec Sec confirming this agreement.

Officials. ISAF has the right to appoint the race officials for world championships, but they normally delegate this to the MNA Organizers should find out what the MNA requirements are for officials (CYA has a detailed written description of what they are looking for), and to get their assistance in finding qualified race officers and members of the jury.

Deadline: Written confirmation of MNA agreement should reach the Exec Sec no later than July 1 in the year before the event is held.

ISAF requirements

Approval of event and dates.  According to ISAF Regulation 18, "ISAF approval is required for any event that is described as a World Championship, uses the word "World" in the title of the event, or any of the promoters, organizers or any other organization officially connected with the event, represents or holds out in any way that the event is a World Championship or does the foregoing in such a way that the event is reasonably perceived to be a World Championship."
An official "World Championships Title Application Form" application and an "ISAF World Sailing Calendar of Events" form must be completed and signed by the Executive Secretary, and submitted to ISAF by August 1 one year before the Worlds.

Agreement of the MNA.  The ISAF Calendar of Events form includes the statement: "I declare that we have received the agreement of the relevant Member National Authority to hold these events."
Deadline: Before August 1, in the year before the world championship.

Report on the Event.  The ISAF request information on the event as part of the annual report.  Details of their request are available here.

Tasar Class requirements

Class rules.  All class rules, including the wind speed rule, should be applied at all Tasar world championships. There should be a measurement team to check and approve all boats and crews before the event.
The check list for measurers, and the measurement procedure, should be posted to the event web site prior to the event.

Measurers subcommittee.  A measurers subcommittee, chaired by the Chief measurer (or his or her delegate if the Chief Measurer is not at the event), with one member from each region, should be appointed by the chief measurer before the event. The measurement subcommittee should be available to resolve any questions that arise during measurement, and should report to the World Council on any issues.

Trophies.  The World Tasar Class awards perpetual trophies in the following categories at each World Championship:

- World Champion
- Master's Champion - combined ages of crew between 80 and 99 years on the day of the first scheduled race
- Grand Master's Champion - combined ages of crew between 100 and 119 years on the day of the first scheduled race
- Super Grand Master's Champion - combined ages of crew over 120 years on the day of the first scheduled race
- First Lady - highest placed woman (helm or crew)
- Junior Helm - highest placed helm aged under 19 on the day of the first scheduled race.

Approved by the World Council, with ammendments, 2003/06/2