Minimum Crew Weight Rule Removal Process

Proposal from JTA for Removal of the Tasar Minimum Weight Rule

A proposal has been received from the Japan Tasar Association to remove the Minimum Weight Rule for the Tasar Class. Please click here to find the original rationale from the JTA.

This would mean that the following rules would be removed from the class rules:

C.6 Crew Weight

C.6 Crew Weight

C.6.1 The TASAR, while racing in all sanctioned events, shall carry a minimum total crew weight of 130 kgs. The crew shall be dressed in shirts and shorts, swim-wear or the equivalent, without shoes, all dry, at weigh-in.

C.6.2 In the event that the weight of the crew, thus weighed, shall be less than 130 kg, such crew may race the TASAR, provided that, throughout the event, ballast equal in weight to at least the difference between the crew weight and 130 kgs is carried secured in the cockpit. The ballast carried need not exceed 12 kg.

C.6.3 At sanctioned events, the Race Committee shall weigh and record the weight of each crew.

C.6.4 Each crew shall ensure they maintain a minimum weight of 130 kgs at all times when racing.

C.6.5 Nothing shall prohibit local, national or international authorities from lowering the specified minimum crew weight for special events where the nature of the event warrants this action, such as all-women events, junior events, etc.

Timeline for Consultation and Voting Process

It is intended that the vote will be held electronically on 1st February 2023, and, should the vote be in favour of this proposal, for the removal of the rule to be in place as soon as possible after this day. This would allow sufficient time for the Tasar rule change process to be followed. This is:

  1. Votes of each region be submitted electronically
  2. Proposed rule change to be reviewed by the WTC Advisory Council
  3. Rule change to be reviewed by World Sailing

Please note that due to the timeframes involved for proper consultation and discussion to take place, this rule change will not be in place until after the 2022 Tasar Worlds.

Consultation Process

The consultation process will look different for each region and District, based upon the current structures in place in that area. Sufficient time has been allocated to the process so that each region can duly consult with their members, and any concerns around the rule change or process involved can be passed onto the WTC.


Votes will be submitted by each District through an online process by 6pm AEDT on 1st February 2023. This meets the requirements for 60 days notice, as per the WTC Constitution. The link to submit the vote will be shared 7 days before the deadline. This link will be distributed through the Region representatives on the WTC.

For a rule change to be approved by the Tasar World Council following on from two thirds approval of Districts, the proposed change needs to be approved by the Advisory Council and then World Sailing.

For the purposes of this vote, in line with the class constitution, the following Districts each have one vote:

  • Japan
  • North America (CAN and USA)
  • UK and Europe
  • Australia - NSW
  • Australia - NT
  • Australia - QLD
  • Australia - SA
  • Australia - VIC
  • Australia - WA

The Tasar Advisory Council currently consist of: 

  • Julian Bethwaite
  • Martyn Sly
  • Anthony Boscolo (Current WTC World President)

Please note that as this rule change vote will be taking place after the 2022 Tasar Worlds, Anthony Boscolo will be replaced on the Tasar Advisory Council by the new WTC World President.

The voting process online form will have the following information to be completed:

Proposal: To remove Rule C.6 Crew Weight from the Tasar Class Rules.

Approve or reject:

District Representing:

Name of Representative:

Role of Representative:

The vote will be counted by the following people: WTC Executive Secretary and WTC Measurer, with the results of the vote being shared with members of the WTC.

Need more information?

Should you need any more information on this proposed rule change, please contact your representative on the World Tasar Council. The details of the WTC reps can be found on the WTC website by clicking here.