Minutes - WTC Meeting 2017

Please find below the minutes from the meeting held on Monday 31st July at the Toyota Industries Kaiyoh Yacht Harbor, Gamagori, Japan

World Tasar Council Meeting

Date: Monday, 31 July, 2017

Time: 10am

Venue: Toyota Industries Kaiyoh Yacht Harbor, Gamagori, Japan


1. Introductions and welcome

2. Approval of the agenda

The  agenda was adopted.

3. Approval of the Minutes of the past meeting - Monday, January 5, 2015, Busselton, AUS

The minutes of the World Council meeting of January, 2015, as posted on the web, were approved.

4. President's report

5. Regional reports

         i.            Europe and TAUK

       ii.            Australia

     iii.            North America

     iv.            Japan

These reports can be found by clicking here.

6. Executive Secretary's report (Pete Ellis)

These reports can be found by clicking here.

7. Designer's report (Julian Bethwaite)

8. Chief Measurer's report (Mike Karas)

These reports can be found by clicking here.

9. Site of next World Championship

Note: the regular sequence for hosting World Championships would be:

         i.            UK/Europe (2019)

Event to be held in Hayling Island.

       ii.            North America (2021)

Venue TBC

10. Other Business

11. Election of Officers

         i.            President

Rod Porteous of the UK.

       ii.            Vice President

Anthony Boscolo will be overseeing the NA fleet.

12. Appointment of Officers

         i.            Executive Secretary

Peter Ellis will continue in the role

       ii.            Chief Measurer

Chris Payne appointed to the role, replacing Mike Karas.

Other Discussions:

A discussion took place around the new specifications of the Tasar, specifically the centre board casing. It was discussed that World Sailing were currently reviewing the change to the specification to determine if it was legal or not. The next step for class will depend on the outcome of their ruling. It was agreed that if this outcome was determined to be that the change to the specification is legal, that the class would work to find a solution that was acceptable to all regions.

A further discussion took place around using an online platform for carrying out voting on rule changes. The normal process of voting happening every two years at a WTC meeting, added to the time World Sailing spent reviewing the changes, was very slow as a process. By using the clause in the constitution around being able to carry out EGMs at 60 days notice, with these being able to be carried out online should be used. The first test case for this would be a proposal to update the Compass rule.

Meeting Closed.