Tasar Rule Change Process

Tasar Rule Change Process - A Summary

This summary has been produced as a guide, using the Class rules and the World Sailing guidelines which should be referred to as the official process for changing a class rule.

Within the Tasar Class rules it states that:

B.4 Amendments to Class Rules

B.4.1. Amendments to the class rules shall be proposed by the ICA in accordance with B.4.2 and submitted for approval by WS.

B.4.2 Amendments to these class rules shall be approved by both:

(a) The Tasar World Council, provided that it reports approval by at least two thirds of the District Associations at Special General Meetings thereof called for that purpose, or at Annual General Meetings thereof, provided that no less than 60 (sixty) days notice of such proposed rule change has in each case been given.

(b) The Tasar Advisory Council.


Therefore, a proposal to change a class rule would normally be received from a Region, and then at no less than 60 days notice a Special General Meeting would be held. In recent years, the votes have been collected electronically from each district. If a rule change is proposed to be voted on at a WTC meeting held at a World Championships, 60 days notice prior to the meeting would be given of the proposed rule change. 

In the Tasar Constitution, there are the following districts who can vote:

  • Japan
  • North America (CAN and USA)
  • UK and Europe
  • Australia - NSW
  • Australia - NT
  • Australia - QLD
  • Australia - SA
  • Australia - VIC
  • Australia - WA

The Tasar World Council Currently Consists of:

  • Peter Ellis (WTC Executive Secretary)
  • Chris Payne (WTC Chief Measurer)
  • Anthony Boscolo (WTC President)
  • Rick Perkins
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Tomoyuki Miyashita

The Tasar Advisory Council currently consist of: 

  • Julian Bethwaite
  • Martyn Sly
  • Anthony Boscolo (Current WTC World President)

If a proposed rule change is approved by the Tasar World Council following on from two thirds approval of Districts, and approved by the Advisory Council, this would then be sent to World Sailing for approval.