WTC Meeting 2022 Minutes

World Tasar Council Meeting 2022 - Minutes

Date:  Tuesday 13th September, 2022                   Time: 8:00pm (UTC)

Venue: Held Online through Zoom.

Meeting Start Time at Various locations

Melbourne/Sydney - Wednesday 14th September 6:00am

Tokyo - Wednesday 14th September 5:00am

London - Tuesday 13th September 9:00pm

Seattle - Tuesday 13th September 1pm

Adelaide - Wednesday 14th September 5:30am


1. Introductions and welcome

  • Peter Ellis introduced members of the WTC. 
  • Explained the voting process should this be needed.
  • Peter Ellis to chair the meeting in the absence of Anthony Boscolo.

2. Approval of the agenda

  • No additional agenda items had been received. 
  • Agenda was approved. 

3. Approval of the Minutes of the past meeting - Monday, 31 July, 2017, Hayling Island Yacht Club, Hayling Island, UK

  • There were no additions or changes requested to the minutes of the previous meeting, as posted on the WTC website.
  • Approved

4. President's report

Please see the report from North America

5. Regional reports

         i.          Europe and TAUK

Click here for the report

       ii.           Australia

 Click here for the report

     iii.            North America

Click here for the report

     iv.            Japan

Click here for the report

  • There were no additional questions for each of the reports above.

6. Executive Secretary's report (Pete Ellis)

Click here for the report

  • There were no additional questions for the report above.

7. Designer's report (Julian Bethwaite)

  • Julian was not present in the meeting.
  • A report will be requested and shared with each region.

8. Chief Measurer's report (Chris Payne)

Click here for the report

  • There were no additional questions for the report above.

9. Site of next World Championship

Note: the regular sequence for hosting World Championships would be:

         i.            Australia (2024, Sandringham Yacht Club, Victoria) - 2nd-9th January 2024. Temporary Event Website.

  • The ATC spoke about the Worlds to be held in Sandringham.
  • ATC and TAV (Tasar Association of Victoria) looking at charter options.
  • Looking forward to what should be a great event in an area that many feel has the best sailing conditions and club (including facilities) in Victoria.

       ii.            Japan (2026)

  • The JTA spoke about the planning that is underway for the Worlds to be held in Japan. 
  • The World Masters Games are taking place in Wakayama in May 2027. Looking at the possibility of linking in with this event.
  • Raised that this is a long gap between Australia Worlds (Jan 2024) and this event, but there are opportunities associated with linking in with this event.

JTA would like feedback on the proposal, collected through the WTC representatives.

     iii.             UK (TBC)

  • UK aware that will be asked for more details at next Worlds as part of the rotation.

10. Other Business

     i. No other business has been raised

11. Election of Officers

         i.            President

  • ATC representative elected. Currently Nicole Kidman.

       ii.            Vice President

  • JTA representative elected. Currently Tomoyuki Miyashita.

12. Appointment of Officers

         i.            Executive Secretary

  • Hugh Tait elected to the role of WTC Executive Secretary, replacing Peter Ellis.

         ii,           Chief Measurer

  • Chris Payne re-elected to the position of WTC Chief Measurer.

13. Any general discussion points

       i. Information from Julian Bethwaite RE Proposal for the update of the Tasar

  • Hugh Tait passed on the information from a phone call with Julian over proposed updates to the Tasar that would not impact on the hull shape of the boat but would include the possibility of updates to the rig and sail plan, the internal layout of the boat and the construction technique and materials.
  • The conversation has arisen as the current mold for production is nearing the end of its useful life. There are also practices used in the production that Julian believes will not be lawful to use in the future. The class needs to start planning now.
  • Cost of a new mould could be $50,000. 
  • Julian believes that if changes are to be made that a one off prototype would be needed. Martyn Sly reported that this would cost in the region of $15,000. Martyn also reported that it would not be cost effective to remove the deck from a current boat and use the hull to prototype on.
  • North America Tasar reported that dramatic changes to the Tasar would have a negative impact on their region.
  • UK raised that a lot of this talk feels like a Tasar 2.0 and that it is a distraction to the class.
  • AUS raised that the class needs a long term strategy, and that any changes to the Tasar should form a part of this.
  • It was agreed that the WTC would look at its long term strategy and then see how any changes would support this, but would remain aware that the mold will need replacing. Hugh Tait to continue to act as the link for the class with Julian Bethwaite.

ii) Changes to the Class Constitution as mentioned in the Secretarys Report

  • A question was raised in regards to a comment made in the Secretarys report over the class needing a new constitution and the changes to the class voting process.
  • Peter Ellis assured that a new class constitution is only in early draft form and will take time to be ready to take to the class for consultation. This will not be happening until after the vote is made on the weight rule removal.

iii) Minimum Weight Rule

  • This was raised. The Tasar Community was thanked for the respectful way that the discussion has been taking place on social media. Australia are undertaking a complex consultation process, attributed to complexity of 6 districts with 6 different constitutions.
  • It was shared that the Bethwaite family had been consulted on the rule removal by the WTC to Julian to be respectful of Frank Bethwaites legacy within the class. Reported that Julian Bethwaite was supportive of the proposal to remove the minimum weight limit rule.

iv) Upcomming Worlds in Seattle

  • Those competing in the World Championships in Seattle next week were wished fair winds.


Meeting Closed.

Next Meeting date to be confirmed.