WTC Meeting 2022 Agenda

World Tasar Council Meeting 2022

Date:  Tuesday 13th September, 2022                   Time: 8:00pm (UTC)

Venue: Held Online. Zoom. Link is found by clicking here.

Meeting Start Time at Various locations - For info:

Melbourne/Sydney - Wednesday 14th September 6:00am

Tokyo - Wednesday 14th September 5:00am

London - Tuesday 13th September 9:00pm

Seattle - Tuesday 13th September 1pm

Adelaide - Wednesday 14th September 5:30am


1. Introductions and welcome

2. Approval of the agenda

3. Approval of the Minutes of the past meeting - Monday, 31 July, 2017, Hayling Island Yacht Club, Hayling Island, UK

4. President's report

Please see the report from North America

5. Regional reports

         i.          Europe and TAUK

Click here for the report

       ii.           Australia

 Click here for the report

     iii.            North America

Click here for the report

     iv.            Japan

Click here for the report

6. Executive Secretary's report (Pete Ellis)

Click here for the report

7. Designer's report (Julian Bethwaite)

8. Chief Measurer's report (Chris Payne)

Click here for the report

9. Site of next World Championship

Note: the regular sequence for hosting World Championships would be:

         i.            Australia (2024, Sandringham Yacht Club, Victoria) - 2nd-9th January 2024. Temporary Event Website.

       ii.            Japan (2026)

     iii.             UK (TBC)

10. Other Business

     i. No other business has been raised

11. Election of Officers

         i.            President

       ii.            Vice President

12. Appointment of Officers

         i.            Executive Secretary

         ii,           Chief Measurer

13. Any general discussion points

       i. Information from Julian Bethwaite RE Proposal for the update of the Tasar