2007 NATA Report to WTC

NATA Report to 2007 World Council Meeting

I would like to see some more investment in advertising the Tasar. Wherever we go with the Tasar the new sails have really increased interest in the boat. Ideas would include some investment in website to include some multi-media information such as video and better photos of a Tasar in some big breeze. Not that I mind having my picture on front page of tasar.org but a boat ripping off a wave in 25 knots would be more appropriate. Is Ronstan interested in putting together an advert in our US rag Sailing World? The Tasar is listed in the Harken ad but the new boats built in Portland are almost entirely Ronstan equipped.

Mylar sails
Also, regarding the performance of Mylar's...In Portland we race in same start with the V-15's a lot. A lot of future Tasar sailors will learn to race on a V-15 so we enjoy sailing with them. Before the mylars we weren't always faster than the V-15. Now we have noticed that the new Mylars have added considerable speed over the V-15 in every wind range. This has been great advertising for the class as we sail over them or under them (never seems to matter) and finish as much as 3 minutes ahead on very short courses. The San Francisco V-15 fleet (very active) will get so see the Tasar in action at our August gorge regatta. They will be having their Pacific Coast Champs at that regatta. We would really like to see some interest in SF bay. It would be a great place to see a fleet develop. (good spot for a Worlds too)

North American Builder
An update on the Portland builder/dealer duo: Things are going very well. Boat #2 is getting delivered next week and boat #3 is under construction. The builder is doing a very good job and the boats look great. Take a good look at 2755 and send some feedback our way. It appears that they will have 4 boats built by the end of August. On that note, I know that the boats being built in Indonesia are slightly different that the US mold (centerboard trunk location, and now the shroud base). Also, our mold is very old with stress cracks, aberrations and also some past damage. I would really like to see our builder get at least one new mold. George has had a few inquiries from folks that are interested in getting boats from a new mold that matches what the rest of the world is getting. Having a builder in North America has been very important to keeping our class active. I think having new molds would spur some interest from others that already have good boats. We could use some more turn over on some of the better boats.

I wouldn't mind hearing some discussion about allowing a similar cleating system as the downhaul for the jib halyard. The smaller Ronstan RF 20175 is small enough to have two at the base. Not a big deal but I can see how it would work well as I find that we are adjusting the halyard more frequently than we imagined.

Tony Norris
NATA President
Portland Oregon