2011 JTA Report

September 19, 2011


JTA's views and comments


Tasar boats are designed based on the One Design Principle and thus need to be progressive and able to adapt to the changes of the times.

In regards to the rule C6, we also need to keep the door open for further discussions, while observing the overall situation of tasar sailing.

JTA has conducted a survey at the 2010 national championships to the participants: Some saw some positive effects from the C6 rule while some thought it was appropriate to remove the rule or revise the standards.

JTA agrees, in general, to using carbon masts, because using carbon masts will increase the performance of the boats and attract a wider group of people to tasar sailing in the International class.

However, we are concerned about the following points:

How long would the transition period be, in which both aluminum and carbon masts will be used? How can we ensure the fairness of the races during the transition period where there will be differences in the performance of the masts? How likely is the decrease in price of carbon masts?

JTA would like to express our sincere thanks to all the people who have extended condolences and sent encouragements to the Japanese people after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March. Your thoughts and prayers have meant a lot to those who have lost their families and homes.

While it might be inevitable that sailing will be affected by the tragic event in the short term, JTA will continue its effort to revitalize tasar sailing in Japan.