2015 JTA Reply to Rule Change C1.5

Reply to Proposed Rule Change Rule C.1.5 from JTA


1. JTA's View

JTA welcomes Chirs' Proposal on changing of C1.5, since we think there are a flaw in the current C1.5, "1" and "I" are not suitable in terms of their width (minimum width: 200mm).


2. Suggestion

C.1.5. The national letters and sail numbers shall be of the following minimum dimensions:
Height: 300 mm
Width: 200 mm
Thickness: 50 mm
Space between adjoining sail numbers shall be more than approximately 50 mm.
(Other sentences of current C1.5 which describe the size of the characters on the sail: height, width and thickness, may be removed.)


3. Reasons

(1) The proposed rule change is seemed to be same as being described in the class rule C1.2. I think it isn't necessary to repeat it in C1.5.
"C.1.2. The national letters and the sail numbers shall comply with the RRS except where specified otherwise."

(2) C1.5 should be replaced so that the sails already sold and used will remain in effect, and the sailors don't need to change the position of the sail numbers.


I am concerned that some of the sails become illegal by the proposed rule change. Current class rule specifies that the space between adjoining sail numbers shall be approximately 50 mm. If the proposed rule change is applied, the space will be required to be more than 60 mm by following RRS (see RRS G1.2(b)).

In Japan, there are some sails that adjoining sail numbers are put on as being less than 60mm. These sails might become violating the rules unless the sail numbers are removed and stuck in the right position.

I also hope this information is shared with the suppliers after this rule change is approved.

Your consideration would be appreciated.


Ikuya Tanaka, JTA President